About Us

Jamaica So Nice is not just an online store – it’s the Jamaican experience I live in Jamaica and enjoy the warmth and fun that Jamaica is through its natural beauty and colorful products.  Jamaican products such as T-Shirts, designer wear, handbags, and Blue Mountain Coffee.  Through Jamaica So Nice, the Jamaican Diaspora can recall their wonderful experiences of Jamaica; tourists can preview what Jamaica offers; and past visitors can relive their memorable Jamaican experience and this is what Jamaica So Nice is about.  

Take a trip with me to wonderful Jamaican spots and share the Jamaican experience…

Taste the unique Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee;

Have fun in "The Jump Up" lounge wear;

Wear a colorful Jamaica T-Shirt in the middle of winter...

Contact Us: Jamaica So Nice; jmcitup@gmail.com; (876) 881-8283