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Live the Jamaican Experience: A Glimpse at 9 of Our Fascinating Traditional and Cultural Practices

Jamaican Experience; Jamaican Culture; Jamaican People; Jamaican Traditions; Jamaican Heritage; Jamaica Attractions

The Caribbean Island of Jamaica is known for its colorful culture and long list of...

Live the Jamaican Experience Through Our People, Culture, Products, and Attractions

Jamaican Experience; Jamaican People; Jamaican Culture; Jamaica Attractions; Jamaican Products
Known as the "birthplace of reggae," Jamaica will charm you with its warm people; enjoyable local dishes; cinematic sunsets; postcard-precision beaches; lush, green mountains; colorful coral reefs; memorable products… In this amazing Caribbean paradise, you will understand what true happiness is.
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August 1, 2021, Marks 183 Years Since the Emancipation Declaration was First Read

Jamaica Emancipation; Jamaican Independence; Jamaican Heritage; Jamaican History; Jamaican People; Jamaica Attractions; Jamaica Culture

The Old Kings House, Spanish Town
The Emancipation Declaration...

Jamaica Celebrates Her First Independence Day with the Raising of The Black, Green, and Gold Flag

Jamaican Independence; Jamaican Heritage; Jamaican Culture; Jamaican History; Jamaica Attractions

The Jamaican Flag, Raised on August 6, 1962, Independence Day

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Do you Know What these Colorful Symbols and Emblems of Jamaican Independence in August 1962 Mean?

Do you Know What these Colorful Symbols and Emblems of Jamaican Independence in August 1962 Mean?

The emblems and symbols of Jamaica’s Independence are a reminder of Jamaica's national goals, values, and history. The National Flag, the Coat of Arms of Jamaica (more correctly, the State Arms of Jamaica), and the National Anthem are the national emblems. The four national symbols are the ackee, the Swallowtail Hummingbird (popularly referred to as the Doctor Bird), the Blue Mahoe, and...