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The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are named for the blue mists that continually shroud them. The mountain ranges across the eastern section of Jamaica, 28 miles long and 12 miles wide. The Blue Mountains are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, rising to 7,402 feet. Covered with rich soil with excellent drainage, the blue mountain region is perfect for growing coffee.  Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee is 100% certified by the Jamaican regulator.

Enjoy Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee, the aroma, the exquisite, taste which leaves a mellow after-taste and pleasant memories.  


There is a distinct difference between good coffee and exceptional coffee. The authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee that I received from Jamaica So Nice is exceptional coffee. It’s the finest coffee in the world. It’s a luxury. Once you’ve tried it you will have a hard time pouring anything else in your cup!                                      Justin Cappon: Business Mentor, Branding Strategist

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee tastes wonderful. In fact, it was always my Dad’s favorite (which is how I got my first taste of it) and became one of my favorite coffees. We are a family of black coffee drinkers and do not add anything extra to our coffee, so a smooth flavored coffee is always a welcome treat. I am not fond of flavored coffees either. If you like a cup of coffee that is not bitter, or tastes burnt, but is instead full of flavor, clean and balanced, then Jamaican Blue Mountain is the choice to make. I promise you won’t be disappointed. 
Celia Kibler: Family Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Mom, Grandma